What e-mail service should I be using?

Throughout 2019, Campus has been transitioning from Outlook/Exchange Services to Google/Gmail. Are you not sure what email you should be using? Below is some info about where we are in the transition and what email you might be using.

Students (Outlook Web)

All Students will transition to Google/Gmail on June 23rd. Until this date all email will continue to be delivered to your Outlook Web Mail.

After June 23rd all new email will be delivered to your new U-M Gmail account. You will still have access to your Outlook Web Mail until December 31st so you can access old emails as they will not be in your new Gmail account by default. If you would like to migrate your old emails into your new Gmail account, you can do so using the “Google Data Migration Tool” found on your my.umflint.edu dashboard after June 23rd.

Faculty/Staff (Outlook Web or U-M Gmail)

Faculty and Staff have been transitioning with their individual departments throughout the year. If your department has not yet transitioned, you will still use your Outlook Web Mail until you do. If your department has transitioned, you will use Gmail.

If you do not know if your department has transitioned yet, please reference the Migration Schedule page.