Google Frequently Asked Questions

UM-Flint ITS has reached a point where they either had to make a significant investment in equipment and resources for new email servers or migrate to Google. It was decided, with the approval of our Executive Officers, to follow the lead of Ann Arbor and Dearborn in switching to Google, saving the university time, money, and resources.
UM-Flint ITS is leading this transition effort with support from the UM-Flint Executive Officers, and assistance from IT staff on the Ann Arbor campus. An advisory group consisting of UM-Flint faculty, staff, and student members has been formed to provide representation and give feedback. For further information, please email
Departments that choose to be early adopters can begin transitioning in February 2019, with a goal of migrating all departments by the end of August 2019.
While these resources will be available once your department has started the migration process, please do NOT attempt to access or change anything within Gmail or Google Calendar until your actual migration date when you fully switch to Google. 

Navigate to the Google App you would like to work in using your preferred browser:

To switch between Google Apps, use the App icon Icon of a grid of 9 square boxes that represent some of the Google Apps available. This icon is located in the top right hand corner of your screen next to the Notifications (Bell) icon and your account name. in top-right corner of your screen to select another app to open in a new window.
No - Google does not own your data. The University of Michigan will still own all of your university data and it will continue to be protected under university standards and SPGs regarding data privacy and proper access and compliance. For more information on Data Security and Privacy with UM Google, please see here. Please contact the ITS Helpdesk at 810-762-3123 option 1 if you have any questions or concerns about your data privacy.
Your email address will now be, but you will continue to receive email sent to your existing address. All outgoing mail will come from
No. You will use your uniqname and password like you would for any other campus resource.
For faculty and staff - yes, all existing email and calendar events will be migrated automatically. For students - no, unless you opt to migrate your data via the Self Service portal. Exceptions:
  • Email attachments larger than 22MB will not be transferred as there is a 22MB attachment limit in Gmail
  • Any items in your Deleted Items folder will not transfer
  • Inbox rules you've created in Outlook. These will have to be recreated in Gmail
For more information on what data will be migrated, please see here.
They won’t migrate as “folders” but will become what Google calls “labels.” Folders and subfolders map to labels in Google email. (Note that categories do NOT migrate.) For example, a message located in a folder hierarchy of Projects>Brochure>Artwork would migrate to Google with the label "Projects/Brochure/Artwork". Once your mail has migrated, you can manage labels in your Google email settings.
No. Because these are two separate systems, there is no way to share calendar availability between the two systems. Migrated users are encouraged to continue to use Outlook Web Access to check the calendar availability of users still on the existing UM-Flint Outlook system. Unfortunately, there is no way for Outlook users to check calendar availability for users that have been migrated to UMich Google services.
U-M will officially support using the browser to access Google Services. If you want to use a client to access these services, that configuration will not be supported by ITS. If you want to configure your clients on your own, please see Google's documentation for configuring those clients. For mobile devices, It is recommended to use the Gmail app.
The migration tool is available on for use by alumni, graduates and retirees as of June 5th and will be available for students following their migration to Google June 23rd. You must be logged into My UM-Flint for the tool to appear. For more information on how the tool works, please see here.
Yes, we will still be supporting the Microsoft Office Suite which includes programs such as Excel and Word.
Yes, delegation is supported. Shared mailboxes are not supported, but as a workaround you can use the email delegation feature to allow up to 25 other users access a single email account. You can also easily set up an email filter (rule) to forward specific types of messages to another employee.
U-M Google is a G Suite for Education software bundle that provides the core apps of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Team Drives, Sites, Classroom, and Hangouts. It also includes over 40 other apps designed to improve collaboration. Click here to see all Features & Benefits.
You may begin using your UMich Google Drive as soon as you are ready. You would use your UMich Google drive just as you would you current personal H: Drive. Please note that Google Drives are not HIPAA compliant - please refer to the university Sensitive Data Guide for information regarding the types of data that may be stored in your Google Drive.
Team Drive is a collaborative storage space for the members and guests of your department. It is similar to your current departmental I: Drive. ITS will be working with UM-Ann Arbor to coordinate the creation of Team Drives for each campus unit, so please do not contact Ann Arbor directly to request a Team Drive at this time. If you need more information about getting a Team Drive for your unit, please contact the UM-Flint ITS Helpdesk at 810-762-3123.
Yes. For more information about delegation, click here.
UM-Flint will begin to utilize MCommunity for Email lists, which are referred to as MCommunity Directory Groups. For more information about Community groups, click here.
Training for all users will be important, and a multi-prong approach will be used by the ITS training team. A strong initial focus will be to provide in-depth training for administrative assistants so they can in turn provide strong internal unit support.

All users will receive support from ITS via in-person training, web-based resources, and Helpdesk support, all to help ensure a successful transition. A key part of this support will be the Google Guide program which will give UM-Flint students the opportunity to provide broad support across campus to help users and units better understand how to use Google services.

Continue to contact the ITS Helpdesk as you normally would for all other technical assistance. Phone: 810-762-3123 option 1 Email:
ITS will be focusing on training and migrating all administrative assistants, so that they can provide assistance to their units during the general unit migration. ITS Google Guides will also be available during and after the transition.
Google Apps that deal with monetary transactions have, as a policy, not been enabled. For instance, Google Wallet is currently not enabled for the UMICH domain and Google Play cannot be used for purchasing anything using a address. We continue to review the Terms of Service for these apps and may enable them with approval from appropriate University officials.