Shared Accounts Frequently Asked Questions

A shared account can either be a UM-Google account, UM-Box account, or both. This type of account is most equivalent to Public Folders in Outlook. A shared account allows for members of a department or organization to access a central Gmail mailbox, Google Apps, and centrally owned files from one location and will have one set of credentials that should be shared securely between members that should have access to the account. For more information on Shared Accounts, please see Ann Arbor's documentation on the subject here.
Shared accounts requests are processed through the Ann Arbor ITS Service Center. Turnaround for these requests is normally rather quick, within a few business days. An MCommunity group is required for creating the Shared Account but if you do not have an existing group, you can request one be created while continuing through the request process. To request a shared account, please fill out the Shared Account Request Form. You will need to sign with your uniqname and current password to access the form.
To reset the password of a shared account, the simplest way to do so is to contact the ITS Service Center in Ann Arbor at 734-764-4357 as you will have to provide ID verification over the phone. If you feel comfortable using a secure terminal program such as PuTTY, please follow the steps provided here to reset your password. You will first need to create an account here after logging in with your uniqname and current password and then selecting Request.