Google Drive FAQ

Your department will be responsible for moving items over from your I: drive. This way your team will have a chance to go through it and evaluate items you may no longer need.
ITS won't begin any significant effort to phase out I: Drives (and H: Drives) for at least 12-18 months. We'll likely target the end of 2020, barring any unforeseen storage issues that require us to move faster.
There may be, so please carefully read the information here.
Yes! Google File Stream is an exceptionally helpful tool for accessing and saving files through your operating system's native file system. This tool is currently available for Windows and Mac users. To install File Stream:
  1. Go to your UMICH Google Drive (
  2. Click the Settings gear top right hand corner
  3. Select Get Drive File Stream for Windows or Get Drive File Stream for Mac, based on your operating system
  4. Click the Download & Install drop-down and select your respective OS
For more information on File Stream, please see here. Please note: You will only be able to download this tool with your UMICH account as the tool is only enabled for G Suite for Education accounts, rather than regular consumer accounts.