Campus H: & I: drive Migration Reminder

Hello UM-Flint Campus Community –

What’s Happening?

The UM-Flint campus Google migration project is continuing, and all UM-Flint students, faculty, and staff now have access to the UM Google G Suite. Because of this, UM-Flint ITS will soon be phasing out all existing onsite network data storage hardware. For most users, this onsite network storage is recognized as individual H: drives and departmental I: drives. 


Work continues as the June 1st deadline is fast approaching. The schedule for the project no longer has room for any additional changes.  After this date you will not be able to access H: and I: drives or request recovery of data from these drives. This will provide departments and individuals with the necessary time to move all needed and appropriate data to My Drive (similar to H: Drive), and Shared Drives (similar to I: Drive).

H: and I: drive:

Moving the contents of your H: drive is something that you will need to do yourself. For helpful tips and more information on the H: and I: drive, please refer to or the ITS Helpdesk for more questions. If you currently have a web page that utilizes the H: drive, that will also need to be migrated over to Google Sites by you. If you have not already done so, please familiarize yourself with how to get started with Google Drive. As you familiarize yourself, please look through the files you currently have stored in H: and I: Drives, clean up any unneeded files and look for any sensitive data. Some departments and individuals may currently use onsite network storage drives to store sensitive data such as PCI, HIPAA, SSN, GLBA, or other types. If you have any sensitive data types that cannot be stored in the Google Drive, UMich Dropbox is a great secure file storage option, and more information can be found here: UMich- ITS Dropbox

Access Databases: 

The Drive Migration Project team is working to ensure data security for all transitions. As a result, there has been issues identified with MS Access databases that contain sensitive information when they are moved into Dropbox. Each department will need to determine if their database contains sensitive data by consulting . Those that do not contain sensitive data will be moved along with the rest of the department’s data. Databases that have been identified as containing sensitive data will follow an evaluation process performed by the Drive Migration Project team. This process will identify the following: 1. Proper temporary storage 2. Access control to the information 3. Consultation with Institutional Analysis 4. A business plan for the information moving forward 5. Estimated timeline with milestones.

Please contact ITS Trainer, Dennese Bandyk (, to discuss arranging training sessions with ITS. Contact the ITS Helpdesk with any questions or concerns.