Student Migration Information

Google is Here! All student accounts moved to Google on June 23rd.

How do I get to my email?

Your new email can be accessed either though or by logging in through using your

For those that have their phones configured to receive university email directly, be aware that you will now need to download the Gmail app and configure it to use your new university Gmail.

Old Emails

By default, your new Gmail account will not contain any of your old emails previously delivered to your address. If you do not need your old email, feel free to start fresh with your new account. If you do need to access old emails after the switch you can still do so by visiting until 12/31/2019, or by migrating your old email to your new account.

Students wishing to migrate their old emails into their new accounts can do so though the “Google Migration Tool” widget on This tool will be made available to you after June 23rd and will appear on your dashboard.

Changing from to

With the transition to Gmail, all email addresses will also be changing from to In order to make this transition easier, all email sent to your old address will automatically forward to your new address from this point forward.

Other Google Services

You will be able to access your Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and all other apps in the G-Suite from anywhere, and anytime.

Google Drive automatically saves your work, and saves you worry.