Google Guides

The Google Guide Program

Google Guides are part of the overall implementation and change management strategy for universities implementing Google Apps for Education. The Google Guide program:

  • Promotes peer-to-peer support.
    • Project Google Guides are students in short term temporary positions who will help faculty and staff when they first transition to Google Mail and Calendar.
    • Unit Google Guides are staff who will help students, faculty, and staff when they first transition to Google Mail and Calendar and beyond.
  • Engages volunteers’ skills as early adopters, many of whom are strong advocates of the Google Apps tools.
    • In addition to the “survival” skills in Mail, Calendar, and Docs, Google Guides may bring their own experiences to share with others in adopting Google.
    • Generate excitement  for using Google.
    • Encourage those who aren’t as comfortable with the change.

Google Guides are not experts in all aspects of Google Apps. They provide users support with the basic functions of the apps, and may refer users to other support options when necessary.

Student Google Guide Volunteers
COM 371 – Advanced PR & Marketing Class – Winter 2019
Special thanks to Dr. Anthony McGill (Communications) and his class