After You Migrate to Google

Once your mailbox has migrated to Gmail, you will still have access to the Outlook Web App (OWA) at for some final clean up before the full transition is completed. At this time you are free to import any of the .PST files you archived, rework your new labels that were previously folders, review your inbox rules, etc.

MCommunity & Google

MCommunity is the source for managing and creating groups. Updates to MCommunity groups are synced to Google.  MCommunity groups are also very important when looking at things like Team Drives and for creating mailing and/or distribution lists for departments, student organizations, etc. You can control who can have access to what (and what they can do) with MCommunity groups. Check out our MCommunity FAQs here.

Team Drives

Google Team Drives are an option available for UM Faculty and Staff for cloud based storage for sharing and collaborating on files with teams and departments. ITS will be creating official department Team Drives in addition to official departmental mailing lists in MCommunity (ex. for groups prior to their migration date. However, you will now be able to create your own Team Drives for special purposes, campus projects, etc.

  • For more information, check out Ann Arbor’s documentation or watch their recorded webinar.
  • To create your own Team Drive for projects, groups, etc:
    • While in Google Drive, right click Team Drives then select New Team Drive… to name and create your new Team Drive.
    • OR – While you have Team Drives selected under My Drive, click the + New button to create a new Team Drive.

GSMMO Tool for Migrating Files from Outlook to Gmail – Self Service

The GSMMO (G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook) tool allows you to selectively migrate email, contacts and calendar data from Microsoft Outlook profiles and PST files to Gmail. The tool can be downloaded here. The installer file will be titled OutlookMigrationSetup.exe in your Downloads folder.

  • The GSMMO tool should not be used to migrate data that will already be included in the migration as to prevent duplicate data.
  • This tool is not supported by ITS but you may find it valuable for moving mass amounts of data from your Outlook to Gmail quickly and efficiently.
  1. Once you run the tool, below will the first screen you see. Enter your email address and click Continue.
  2. Your default browser should pop up with a standard UMICH Weblogin. Enter your uniqname and current password and press Enter or click Log In.
  3. Ensure your email account is listed in the next pop-up window and then click your account to continue.
  4. The next screen will describe the actions you may perform with the tool. Please note these and the additional information at the bottom as well then click Allow to continue.
  5. To import a PST file, select From a PST File(s).. And choose the PST file you would like to import. Ensure that the Migrate only new data radio button is selected to avoid duplicate information and then click Next to continue.
  6. The GSMMO tool will then begin migrating your data and can be paused at any time. You may leave the tool running in the background as it will take some time depending on the number of emails, contacts, and/or calendar events you are trying to migrate.
  7. Once the tool completes migrating the data from your PST file, you have the option to Start new migration or select Close to close the tool.
  8. Once migrated, the information from your PST file will look similar to the image below in your Gmail account, depending on the title of your file. From there you can rename your labels and reorganize your email to your liking.